Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little Ditty about Gluten and pizza dough

I went to King Arthur for the difference between bread flour and high gluten flour. I make my pizza dough with the Sir Lancelot, but have to travel almost a half hour to get it. Its not a bad drive, when I am at Echo Hill for other things too, but when that is all I am out of, I want an I looked into what is the difference between Sir Lancelot and Bread flours.

The gluten content is determined by the percentage of protein in the flour.

All purpose: 11.7 % protein
Bread: 12.7
Sir Lancelot: 14.7

So there ya have it . I made the pizza dough with bread flour, it and was good. A touch better than with all purpose and almost as good as Sir Lancelot high gluten....they are all pretty close. I have to check out my fav mail order company for the price of an equivalent protein content flour

If I had to make it for a king or president, I would go for the Sir Lancelot. Definitely a difference, but again, not a big deal if I run out sometime and want to make pizza.

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dick said...

Given the price of gas for your half hour trip I would think paying the shipping from King Arthur would be about the same. Why drive when you can have it delivered right to your home for about the same cost.

Shannon Marie said...

Well, KA is so pricey on their site. Its cheaper priced at Echo Hill believe it or not.
I do shop at that store for other things, so I only go there when I need spices etc too (super cheap bulk foods).
I just found out that sams has a high gluten flour in 25 pound quantity. I have enough freezer space I may just get that to try out.

Shannon Marie said...

I looked at some of the things on King Arthur site..their parchment paper is sooo expensive...

I buy from an online supplier I can get 250 16½ by 12¼ sheets of parchment paper from for 13 dollars. (they want 20 bucks for 100 sheets on KA site) That kind of stuff scares me away from buying from their store