Sunday, January 24, 2010

Allen's Artisan Breakfast Pizza

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Allen is the breakfast man! He made this Sunday for our teenagers and the spare teenagers that were here for the night. Even though he had already made me dippy eggs and latkas, I had to have a piece of this, and did...see, I could not wait to take a pic, had to have a few nibbles first!!

Yeah, I am such a hog, here is my bitten piece lol. I didn't think to take pics when it first came out, I was sort of pre-occupied (with my cafeworld or something dumb lol)

With the pics I did take, you can get the idea.

Oh, that is parchment, he isn't sure why he used it lol. He thought ya had to but not if you roll it out on the stone..only if you are transferring it from one surface to the stone.

You will want to make this on a baking stone...the results are incredible!  Pampered Chef's stones are the best you can get.  Quality!

1/3 batch of Pizza Dough (enough for a pizza)

2 frozen hash brown potatoes

4 T melted butter, divided

6 slices deli ham

8 eggs

salt and pepper

First he took my dough (I talked about this before...I use the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, master recipe with my own modifications, and you can find this info in my search bar here from another blog post of mine)

Anyway, my dough, he drizzled 2 T melted butter over it, and then spread 2 C frozen shredded has brown potatoes on top. Baked it at 375° for 8 minutes. Add chopped ham, bake 5 minutes longer. Pull out and slice into 8 pizza slices. Drizzle 2 T butter again over it. Add an egg to each slice (we used a glass prep bowl to slide it exactly where we wanted it). Broil on high for 3 minutes, or until egg is set up and no "egg white hockers" are left...should be like a dippy egg with no slime.

Salt and Pepper to taste

I did not note the spices he used on the potatoes, basil and chives, but any variation is good. You can also add green pepper, onion, bacon, sausage, whatever.

This is to die for and the teenagers really dug it!

steamy pic!

And OF COURSE I used my awesome Pampered Chef baking stones..this dark one shown here is 15+ years old. When they get that dark, they are worth their weight in gold I tell ya! Yes, those light tan colored stones will eventually get this awesome patina. First they look now, then a little ugly, almost embarrassing...then light brown, then dark brown!
And I wash mine with soap even though they tell ya not to. I don't soak it in soapy water but I give it a quick wash with soapy washrag, and have done this for 15 years on all of my stones, never had a soapy taste, but that is your call with your stones..

Here is the best book for making breads and pizza doughs.  No kneading, toss it all in, stir with a wooden spoon and let it rise 2 hours.

Calories in one slice of Allen's breakfast pizza (because I always want to know how many calories are in my I write down everything that is in it, then divide by amount of servings it gives:


FAT: 11g

Oh one last thing..if my sisters and mom are reading..Allen is so good at making breakfast, our next sister breakfast will have to be the first warm weekend in April on my patio, with Allen as our cook/waiter etc lol. I can relax and hang out with you guys then. In fact, I may have to think about having it indoors sooner, just to make him make this for you all!

To purchase a baking stone, visit Pampered Chef.  Theirs are superior.  You can't go wrong.

dough recipe can be found on the link below...its from the awesome book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.


Kat said...

I LOVE my pampered chef pizza stone. My sister got it for me one year for my birthday but mine looks smaller than that one. I may have to see about getting another one from you in February .... well seriously a 20% discount is NOT something to waste. And you are much closer to me than other consultants I have seen.

I'll need to check out what is available in early Feb.

Thanks for the great idea ... looks like Allen is a definite keeper/chef of promise. I'm betting my daughter and maybe even hubby would like this one

Shannon Marie said...

He is making one with Jalapenos' for breakfast today. I'm starving and can't wait.

Thanks for your nice comment and for keeping me in mind for your Pampered Chef needs.