Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Recipe Cheat Sheets

My Recipe Cheat Sheets
I use some of the same recipes over and over and although I don't always follow recipes, except when I bake, although I tweak it.
I like to tweak recipes and make them my own. My family loves them so much so I want them to be able to make it, should anything happen to me. I keep them in my files, in a yahoo group all my own just for storage purposes.
The recipes that I make often, I have printed out and taped inside of my kitchen cabinets. This makes them available to me immediately, without me needing to get my recipe basket, or go on my computer to get the recipe again. For right now, they are just taped lazily inside the cabinet and I open the cabinet when I need to see the recipe. I do plan to put them in page protectors so they are wipeable, if I would mess on them.
I am working on recipe books for my kids (I got cute blank recipe books from the gooseberry patch) so that they have their favorite recipes when they are older and move out, they will be able to make the recipes "Mom" made that they love. I wish my mom and grandmother had done this for us. Although my mom is still alive, and I get recipes from her, my grandmother passed on in the early 80s and I don't have many of her recipes. I remember cooking with her all the time, as she lived across the street from us and we spent a lot of time with her.
I am not much a recipe follower, so I have to sometimes figure out how I make things to include in their books, so they can make them. I do not measure EXCEPT WHEN I BAKE, I just judge, little of this, little of that. When I bake, the flours, sugars, baking soda/powders matter, but I do tweak the spices to my liking.
I feel when you like ingredients, you will like the end result, so if there is something I am not fond of in a recipe, or something missing that I like, I add/omit whatever I want.