Friday, January 24, 2014

What example are you setting about bullying?

With Justin Beiber in the news, it floors me that so many adults are hating on him. What message are you sendin to kids?  We wonder why there's hate and violence in schools. 

First off. He's a performer. The fact that the paparazzi follows his every move, waiting  for him to fuck up is despicable. He's a kid and people hated in him before he did anything wrong, so it's not about what he did. We all know someone who has done far worse.  That's called jealousy and the fact that everyone is spending so much energy on him leads me to believe they are fans. Why else do you waste energy on a person unless you are obsessed with them. 

How would you like it if the paparazzi followed around your child airing his every fuck up.  Grow the fuck up. You only prove what type of person you are by posting hate. 

A fellow coworker said he hopes someone shoots him. How can you hate someone so much, that you don't even know, that you want him dead?

Another coworker sent me a text because she too likes Justin Beiber and is appalled by the hate on Facebook. 
I'm not some super-fan. I hardly know what he sings, but I'm a mom and I have real issues with bullying and if people were hating in my child like that, it would hurt. 

Some complain what kind of role model is he?  My question is,  What kind of role model are we, as adults, posting hate all over the internet? You are promoting  bullying by participating in the hate. 

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