Tuesday, September 13, 2016

30 Second DIY Hairstyles with How-To Videos

I discovered this awesome hair clip that won't harm your hair like an elastic band and won't hit you in your head when you rest it on your head rest in your car, lay down to do pranayama in yoga or even take a nap.
I even wear it under my motorcycle helmet and it stays put so my hair isn't a wreck when I take my helmet off.
Its by Lilla Rose and there are 7 sizes and oodles of varieties to choose from and you can do many different styles with this one clip.

Click here to see them, click here 

What size or sizes fit you?
Watch this short video for sizing info. They make them for every hair type.

Here are just some of the styles you can do using the Flexi-clip

Traditional Pony Tail

Tails Up..you can have your hair up in this, in 30 seconds. Its my favorite style.

Half Up

French Twist

Up and Down Style

Half Twist

Drop Bun

Extra Long Hair

For more styles see pinterest and you tube. The possibilities are endless.

Some other products they have...


Hair Sticks Pencils can be dangerous so be careful, or get one of Lilla Rose's awesome and beautiful hair sticks. 

Lilla Rose also has beautiful bobby pins to match their other products and some badge holders that you can slip your reading glasses through to carry those around also.
There are so many more varieties available. Check the out. 

How about getting one for your dog?

There is so much more to see. Visit my site today.

Disclaimer: Some styles may take a minute or two, depending on your level of urgency.  The dog style may take longer. ☺

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