Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meditation: letting go of the rules

People think I'm crazy because I'm up at 4 am everyday. I recall a time in my 20s a woman told me she was up at 4 am and I thought old people were weird.

Let me tell ya, it's the most peaceful time of the day. I use this time to meditate and reflect. 

But you don't have to get up early to meditate. 
You don't have to sit Indian style and close your eyes, imagining seeing a light through your third eye. You don't need fancy beads, although they help some, to other's they are just clutter. 
You can meditate anytime, anywhere. You can meditate for 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 8 hours...
Don't let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong.  They don't know you. 

You can meditate in your vehicle on your commute, washing dishes, vacuuming, at work, anywhere you have a moment alone where you can just be in the here and now. Your eyes need not be closed. You don't have to chant mantras. Although they work for many people, they may not be you. Everyone is different. The mantras are healing, so give them a try, but it's okay if they aren't your style. 
Below are some mantras.

When I go to the beach, I sit, and or sometimes stand, taking in the energy, listening to the waves, with my eyes wide open I watch the waves come in and go out...this is great, but I can't sit and listen to a recording of waves, I do not get the same effect. Other people can.  

Do what relaxes and calms you. I'm not saying drink a cocktail, and definitely don't smoke a cigarette. You need to breathe in fresh air for sure. 

Just take some deep breaths (they need not be animated and heard loudly by others). Be aware of your breathing and let go of anything that stresses you. 

Go somewhere that is beautiful, take in Mother Nature. Or close your eyes, if you aren't driving, and take yourself to a beautiful place. The sky is the limit. 

There are traditional guided meditations, but for some people, clearing the mind while someone is talking and telling you to clear your mind, is difficult. Your mind wonders. 

There are some guided meditations that take you on a journey, you listen to a storyteller that takes you somewhere in your thoughts. Visualizations. This could be easier for some.
Visualizations are my favorite form of meditation.

Here is a great pdf of guided meditations meant for children but great also for beginners. 

Record it so you can relax while following it. 

Every meditation style is not for everyone. You can't meditate wrong, as long as you are relaxed, and letting go. 

I took a course in teaching meditation through Ananda and it was great but I came to realize, their style didn't relax me. It wasn't my style. 
I looked further and found in my own, what worked for me. Always a student, never a master.We are always evolving.  

One of my favorite visualization meditations, I got out of one of my yoga books and darn it, I can't find the meditation right now.  When I find it, I will post it.  It takes you on a journey to an iceberg.

Just remember, you are not doing it wrong.  If anyone tells you that you are, you know not to take advice from them. Remember, everyone is always a student, never a master.  You can learn from someone, but their path is not the only path.

If you want to read a good book with visualization type meditations, a few are listed below and this is my go to.
To look inside of this book on Amazon click the book

For now, here is a guided meditation I found on you tube....this helps you if you can't focus on just silence and stillness.  Its a great morning meditation.  But again, if you can't relax with talking in the room, by all means, do what relaxes you.  

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