Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bologna Sushi (appetizer with pickles, cream cheese and bologna)

I've been making this for years with all kinda of lunchmeat but the term I give it is "bologna sushi."

Bologna is such a fun word. I love to randomly say "it smells like bologna (baloney) in here". 

Heres all ya do: 
Spread it with cream cheese, and roll it around a pickle and slice. It's that easy
It sits in the fridge well overnight. 

They make great appetizers. 

Drain and dry the pickles slightly for better adherence. 

Using a whole pickle...and a whole pickle cut in half. 

My teddy bear picnic lunch at work tomorrow. 
Grapes, banana, bologna sushi, club crackers, cheese cubes, buttered rye bread, Spicy slaw (Kim chi), milk and lemon water. 

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