Saturday, October 19, 2013

Make your own Almond Extract (lemon, orange, vanilla, coconut, mint too)

I was so disappointed that my store stopped carrying the big size almond extract, because I use it more than vanilla extract and I use it A LOT!
Here is a recipe to make your own. These are great gifts for friends too.  You can put them into a cute jar and label them up for gift giving.

Almond Extract
Add 1 cup of chopped raw almonds to a half-pint size canning jar.  Cover with Vodka and put the lid on tightly.  Store it in a cool dry place for a month, swishing it around every day. strain the almonds and store. Storing 2-3 months will make for a stronger extract, but if you can't wait, one month is fine.

You can also make mint, lemon, orange, coconut and vanilla extracts.

Vanilla Extract
2 oz vanilla beans for every pint of vodka

Lemon or Orange Extract
zest from one lemon or orange per 1/2 cup vodka

Mint Extract
add 1/2 c mint to 1 c vodka

Coconut Extract
1/3 C freshly grated coconut (or unsweetened grated from a bag)
1 C vodka

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