Saturday, December 29, 2012

Homemade Toothpaste (coconut oil is amazing!)

I have been using coconut oil for a lotion for a few years now.  Its great for stir frying too because I swear you can't burn the stuff..but as a health and beauty aid, the uses are limitless.

You can use it alone, to moisturize, add essential oils to it to make it smell nice and some of them have healing qualities too.  I am not going to ramble about essential oils right now, as I strive to keep my posts short and to the point. (no one has time to read ramblings)  If you want to know more about essential oils, here are some great books on the subject.

My toothpaste is basic..

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
a few drops of peppermint oil (you have to experiment to get your liking)
a few drops peroxide
1 Tbsp baking soda
2 drops clove oil
mash it up together and keep it in a small container.

I make my own container so I can just dip my toothbrush right into it and brush away.  Some people want a sweetener in theirs, not me.

I see people posting they made it in a huge canning jar..I am not sure I want to make that much at once as it goes pretty far and I would rather know its freshly made.

After my last dental visit, and the barnacle removal I went through, my gums were in pain for two months.  No kidding.  I don't know if they gave me some sort of infection or what, but nothing would stop the pain, so I tried this toothpaste and the pain is gone.

Here is where I got the idea, you can take it for what its worth, as we all know, what works for some, may not work for others..and some people can get cancer from something and it may not affect someone else, and health articles online are a dime a dozen. I just know it helped me out.

There are a gazillion uses for coconut oil and you can probably come up with a few of your own.  I like to mix it with sugar and use it in the shower to exfoliate.  Its a great hair conditioner too.

My hubby found an article on using it for natural eyelash thickening too.

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