Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meal Planning

Well my kids are asleep yet and its nearly noon, and I want to plan our meals for the week. I need to paint a chalkboard inside one of my cabinets so they can write in it foods they want so I know when I am making my list. I can't wait around, so I guess I won't get much input from them for the week..luckily they aren't picky eaters and will eat just about anything, but I was hoping for some ideas.

I love for meal planning because its also a smartphone app. So my calendar, shopping list etc is always with me and I can also set up reminders to be texted to my family for things like Dr appointments, family meals (we have to have some mandatory meals together or we'd never sit down together).  The kids get a little bit annoyed with the texts they get, but whatever.  I am the  mom!

You can type it up on your phone or online on on your acct and it will synch to your you shop, you can check off what you bought and you can have multiple lists...Grocery, Sams, BJ's, Home Depot, Target...and keep a running list for that time you stop in and say..I know I needed something here.
There are also to do lists. Best of all...IT"S FREE!!!  I don't get pop up ads or anything annoying either.

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