Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BREAKFAST: Homemade Fast Food

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I was talking to a friend the other day on facebook who is going to be going back to work soon, as summer is almost over and she is a teacher.  We were talking about quick breakfasts.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It should also be the biggest meal of your day.  Eat Breakfast like a Queen, Lunch like a Princess and Dinner like a Pauper.  But really, who has time.  Breakfast is usually on the run, whether you are off to work, or the kids are off to school, its usually the meal that gets, for lack of a better word, the shaft.

Planning ahead, you can have your lunch packed for school/work, and your breakfast ready to slap together first thing in the am.


Some of you have read my blog on Mini Frittatas.   They are easy to make a day ahead of time and have ready to grab on the way out the door.  These are even great for on the go if you have to take them chilled to work and heat them up there, or eat them cold!  They are good.

Another easy fix, make some scrambled eggs, chop some bacon pieces (or use real, precooked bacon pieces) and fry them up, toss in some frozen green peppers, hot peppers, whatever ya like..scramble up some eggs, add a bit of milk, sour cream, whatever you like in your scramble, hot sauce etc...pour it over the peppers, onions, bacon sausage whatever ya want, you get the idea.  When its done, add some cheese, any kind you have on hand and like.

Put it in a glass refrigerator dish and stash it in the frige.  This is good for about two days. In the morning, give it a quick nuke in the microwave, put it on a flour tortilla shell, a hot dog bun or whatever and you have an egg "sammich", breakfast burrito in no time.  

You can also poach some eggs, keep them in water and heat them up the next day.  I like my dippy so this works great for me, as I don't always have time to fry up some dippy eggs.  You can put it over some bread and spinach or baby lettuce, or stick it on a toasted english muffin.

You can also make some pancakes and freeze them, individually on a pan, then put into a bag together after they are frozen. From frozen, they reheat in the microwave super fast.  You can do this with waffles also.

Then there is always, yogurt, granola and fruit. Heck, add some chocolate chips to it too and satisfy your sweet craving. It's another thing you can put together the night before and grab it to go on the way out the door.  Don't forget to set the coffee maker to start up so when you wake up, you can smell that fresh coffee.  In my opinion, a house that smells like coffee, is as good of a smell as any fudge shop at the beach.

If you plan ahead and make breakfast easy, you won't be as tempted to run out the door and mid-morning, be hitting that vending machine full of junk food at work, filling up on empty calories.

Again, there is always the Oven Pancake or Breakfast Casserole.  If you make it Sunday its ready for Monday morning. 

Think about ways you can make your favorite breakfast meal faster.  Sausage gravy and biscuits can be reheated..as can corned beef, cream chipped beef, etc.  Just keep the wet or egg type  ingredients separated from the breads until you are ready to eat it so they don't get soggy.


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