Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As I was my dishes by hand, I have plent of time to think about my 3 year old Whirlpool dishwasher that just broke..and how it costs more for the part, than it does to buy a new one. Same goes for my one thousand dollar, 14 month old front load Whirlpool washing machine that cost 600.00 to fix.

Just how energy efficient is an appliance that you have to throw away and buy new every couple of years? You will save 10.00 a year on your electric bill, but you will pay in the end for a new one every couple of years, and lets not even think about the landfills having to hold all of these things...sure, we are giving people jobs making them...but is it in America?

What happened to the appliances from the 1980's and prior, that were built to last?

My old stove was totally made of enamel. It was built in the 1950s and was a Kenmore..not to be compared with the kenmore's of today, that's for sure. My new one, is plastic, sure the rim around the glass top is enamel and the door is made of two layers of glass, that everything drips down between the glass and you can't clean it..but the rest is plastic, and when I ran the self clean feature, it turned the plastic around the door on top brown...its a white stove! I am so mad at myself for letting my trashman take my old 1950s stove and crushing it, and in its place I bought this piece of crap, disposable Frigidaire stove that has a glass top that is the biggest pain in my butt to clean, because when you boil a pot of water on top, just water mind you, somehow when you lift the pot off, there is a nice burn mark that takes more time to clean, than my old stop top did, even with taking the burners off.

The most I did with that 1950s stove was replace a burner element. It cost 20.00 for the element and was something I could do myself. Now they make everything with computer boards...what did they do before computer boards? How did the appliances work, and work better and last longer, before the computer board was installed in everything?

So I ask again, what is so energy efficient about the new disposable appliances of today, compared to the one's built to last? You can bet, I will replace my stove with a used appliance from an appliance store, and a requirement to take up real estate in my kitchen will be, it has to be built before 1980...built to last!

Okay, I am coming off my soapbox, sorry to bitch and moan lol.

Sorry, I could not resist, a friend sent this to me, her and I run a huge group on yahoo and have alot of members who do nothing but complain that we have to deal with.

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