Friday, June 12, 2009

Generic Meds vs. Name Brand *BUYER BEWARE!

I have a cough so I bought generic delsym last night because delsym worked great for my cough in the past
CVS brand was 7.35 compared to 10.00 for the name brand Delsym and CVS is 4 ounces rather than 3 in the bottle of Delsym. I get home and read the bottle further
You have to take 2 tsp every 6 hours instead of the 2tsp every 12 hours with the delsym. (so there goes half the bottle)
it did not stop my cough, in reading the bottle even further, I notice, the 2tsp is 15 mg in the generic..and 30 mg in the now it went from being a 4 ounces bottle to 1 ounce! what a ripoff! and I am coughing still!
I will surely read the fine print on the whole bottle before I get generic again.

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