Saturday, May 31, 2014

Is your beauty routine killing you? My 2 cents

I love Ewg's website. It's my go to site when buying any beauty products.
You can check all of your health and beauty and cleaning products for safety on there because they are third party and don't take $ from the companies they rate.  

Many perfumes, beauty products and cleaning products cause liver damage and your liver (if healthy) is what will help keep you cancer-free. 
Go on their site and search your daily used products. You may be surprised. 

Remember health and beauty products and vitamin supplement companies have no regulations. Companies don't even have to tell you everything that is in them. A company may claim to be organic and natural but may contain products that harm you. And they don't even have to list them. 

I started making my own products just to be certain that I know what is in them. 
I'm surprised my sons are on board. They love the products  I've made for  them. 

I've done a lot of damage to my body over the years, so hopefully it's not too late to reverse the bad but, you have to start sometime. 

My eating habits aren't the greatest but it's better than most people I know. Ive used the 80/20 rule long before it was called that. 

Take the health posts you read on Facebook with a grain of salt. Do your own research and find reputable authors. 

Start small. Eliminate bad cleaning products, and perfumed products. Eliminate sugar drinks, artificial colors and flavors, and try cooking from scratch. It's fun, therapeutic and you will know exactly what you are eating. 
Make your own beauty products where you can and check Ewg's website for safe products available commercially. 

Pinterest is a great resource for healthy meals and homemade health and beauty products. If you try one and don't like it, don't give up. You'll find your niche. 

I'm not perfect when it comes to health but I'm always learning. I've started an herbalist program because I've  always loved learning about herbs and I needed more. 

If you like health motivation follow my more serious blog, @ShannonDillman. 

I post a lot of recipes on my blog (Margarita Stewart) that are made from scratch. I also redo recipes that use product that aren't so good. 
It's almost impossible to be totally healthy. Pick and choose and eliminate the worst things. 
My coworker brought in those hidden Valley Ranch pretzel bites. I used to love them and I stopped making them along time ago because he Valley Ranch powder is not good for you. I ate some of his, gosh I remember how delicious they are now. So I went home and pulled out all my spices and made my own using all natural spices. 
You can do this with almost any recipe that you like.

I'm sure there's things in the pretzels that aren't the best for me but I at least eliminated the hidden Valley Ranch powder. 
And by all means avoid eating anything low fat!  
Eat things in their most natural state as you can. We get our raw milk from an organic farmer and we also get our meat from him. Sure I eat out and I'm sure the food in restaurants is crap, but again, we can't be 100% healthy. 

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