Monday, March 10, 2014

Honeybee Garden's Deodorant Powder ~My Humble Opinion

Okay I loved it the first day but kept quiet to use it a few days to be sure. It's been a week. 
The first day tested it, I was crawling in small spaces installing steal beams with a coworker and I laughed  telling him I was trying a new natural deodorant. 

 I was on ladders in front of industrial warehouse heaters at work, and still, this held up. I didn't even sweat. It doesn't claim to be in antiperspirant  and I'm fine with that but I still didn't sweat!  And yes without deodorant I do. 

If your looking for a safe deodorant that actually works, all day and night, this is it.

 I am really impressed. I've tried many brands, crystals, etc. Two brands got me through the work day but needed to he reapplied and they didn't rate this good on's site. 

I will be ordering the men's on my next order for the guys in my house to try. 

I applied it with my hands for a few days then I emptied a powder from a powder puff set I had and have been using that to apply it really fast on rushed mornings. I never tried powder deodorant, and I don't want to use any other kind now. 

PS. The natural scent takes me back to my childhood. My grandmother, the glamorous woman that she was, had the ultimate beauty product collection and always let us play in it. 

There's a store listing on their website or you can get it fresh from their website if you want. That's how I like to get things.

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