Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shampoo from kitchen ingredients that costs pennies to make

I have tried a gazillion recipe for shampoos that I saw on facebook.  Most of those "forwards" (shall we call them) are bogus fails in my book.

As far as castile soap may work for some, but I have never had success, in any form, no matter what ratio I hair turned into a nightmare.

A friend recommended something with a baking soda in it.  That got me thinking...I love using apple cider vinegar rinse for my scalp...why not baking soda and vinegar!  Genius!!!  So simple!

I not only experimented on my hair, but I also had my husband try it.  (He's a real trooper).
His hair looks amazing and he likes it.  You do not smell vinegar.  I love it too, of course, or I wouldn't be blogging about it.

I put it in these containers for keeping the baking soda moisture free until I use it, and easily applying the vinegar rinse.

Here is how it works..wet your hair in the shower and take a handful of the dry baking soda and rub it into your scalp...rub it all around, Then, with a pointy nose bottle, apply the vinegar to your scalp(I get mine at Sams Club in a six pack in the restaurant section)

You will get a reaction like this on your scalp.
Let it react and rub your fingers thought it.

Then rinse want to get the baking soda out.  Proceed with your regular beauty regimen fo your hair...I am low maintenance...comb it and blow dry it (or let it air dry if I have nothing to do).  I keep it simple.

You can add a few drops of essential oil to it also..we have tried both with and without and both get great results..the essential oils just add a bit of remedy for things like dandruff/dry scalp, psoriasis, etc. It is said to help men keep their hair longer too.  Who knows.  It can't hurt.

I won't toss the castile soap, as it works for making a shaving lather, that is hopefully safer than the commercial brands.
I am slowly but surely working on ways to lessen the toxins in the products I use.  I am in no way close to getting rid of it all,but I am well on my way.

Some other things that work for me.....

Honeybee Gardens makeup is the safest makeup I have found that stays on for most of the day (8-10 hours before I need to touch it up)

 I just got this cute new compact this week.  I only picked two shadows so far. I am new to eye shadow, as I never really wore it. I am just learning to use it so I haven't decided on the other colors yet. I guess the packaging sold me on the shadow, since I never thought I needed it until I saw the compact lol..

Toms is my favorite deodorant. I tried the crystal and like it for a short time, but the staying power on that isn't the best...Toms gets me though a normal day. I am sure I can come up with a homemade baking soda deodoarant, but I need convenience..I am out the door before 5am, so I don't have time to play with things that take time.

Some other home remedies I love is....scrubbing in the shower (for cellulite deterrent, see my earlier post) and also dry brushing my body.
And it need be, or as a summer sun lotion...
Coconut oil!  Everyone uses that now adays.  I love it on my lips too.  I melted some and put it in a tiny container and apply it with my finger.
Other tried and true remedies I use regularly.

Home Remedy for warding off colds...and shortening their lifespan if you waited too long to ward them off.

I look forward to a friend sharing with me, her coconut milk shampoo, as I like variety when shampooing my hair and making coconut milk is simple.  Coconut oil treatment as a "hot oil" treatment once a month is nice..but that is all my hair can take for oil.  I have thin straight hair and anything that can make it look greasy, will.  
I don't like eggs or mayo in my hair, the smell nauseates me.  

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