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My best advice to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight

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Sorry, most of my posts are for yummy food, but I see a lot of people posting on fb about their weight right now. Sure, I am no expert, but who would you rather listen to for advice on being thin? Someone thin or someone who is trying to lose weight? Its a lifestyle. Its not a diet.  If you are happy in your frame, read no further, but if deep down, you are struggling with your changing body...I have a little advice. Portion size!

I read tons of nutrition books, and well..I am "skinny" as people like to say..I say fit...I mean...there are a lot of complaints made by not so thin people about thin people, but they are all trying to achieve a smaller size.  Media doesn't sells and lets face it..most magazines have thin built models, 90 percent of actors and actresses in movies and on tv are people are thin.  No one said rail thin...I am talking about normal thin.  Lets not exaggerate it and claim that you are either fat or anorexic for crying out loud.  There is a healthy build for every frame and you know deep down if you are there or not.  So don't cut down the ones who are by claiming they are TOO skinny...we fit people don't call you thick people, don't call us too skinny.

I don't own a scale.  I judge my weight by my jeans. When they start to get snug, I am over eating. Your clothes don't lie.  No little demon is sewing them smaller.  Wearing yoga pants is so relaxing...but its also hard to tell if you are gaining weight, so do not live in yoga pants or sweats or will not realize when you are gaining weight. I over eat when I go out on occasion...when I calculated my calories the other day after eating at chili's , I nearly died. And I only ate half of my meal. My jeans are getting snug and that is putting me back on track. I won't buy new goal is to die in my current size (hopefully many years from now lol)

I try to eat as healthy as I can..I always say...80/20.  80 percent healthy foods, and give yourself that 20 percent favorite indulgences or you will go insane!!!  Eat what you want..but eat only a serving of it.

My best advice is...everything in moderation.  KNOW WHAT IS A SERVING!  We Americans do not know what a serving is.  I go to restaurants and can get two or three meals from one dinner entree.  I do just that. I always take half of my food home.  Always!  Use everyday items to judge your servings. Here is a nice little chart of ideas on how to determine servings.  ONE egg is a many do you eat for honest..I eat two...I am over eating by double!  I have been going back to eating one egg,  on a bed of produce (lettuce, parsley, basil etc) and with a serving of fruit.  I have an orange for second break at work now instead of a candy bar.  That orange is so invigorating. It satisfies my sweet craving, my thirst, and gives me a burst of energy because well, have you ever smelled an orange..its a stimulating smell.

I know some of this looks insane..but its an honest serving. When have you ever scooped yourself a billiard size ball of pasta?  Well, that is a serving.  Crazy huh?  It wouldn't be crazy if it was how you were raised, but we Americans are raised to finish our food and in restaurants..that pasta entree is 4+ servings!  Did you finish that meal?  Teach yourself that its okay to be hungry.  You won't die.  Eat one serving and be done. Let it rest and soak small meals often and two to three hours before bedtime..stop eating.  If you are still hungry and can't help but need to eat more..make it a vegetable. You might feel better eating on your salad plates. I always eat off of a salad plate..the men in my house use the large plates and I use a salad plate.

Grains: Aim for 6-11 servings each day. Choose whole grains whenever possible.

ExamplesOne serving equalsThat's about the size of
Bread1 ounce (1 small slice, 1/2 bagel, 1/2 bun)Index card
Cooked Grains1/2 cup cooked oats, rice, pastaBilliard ball
Dry cereal1/2 cup flakes, puffed rice, shredded wheatBilliard ball

Fruits and Vegetables: Aim 5-9 total servings each day. Choose fresh fruits and veggies whenever possible.

ExamplesOne serving equalsThat's about the size of
Raw fruit1/2 cup raw, canned, frozen fruitBilliard ball
Dried fruit1/4 cup raisins, prunes, apricotsAn egg
Juice6 oz 100% fruit or vegetable juiceHockey puck
Raw vegetables1 cup leafy greens, baby carrotsBaseball
Cooked vegetables1/2 cup cooked broccoli, potatoesBilliard ball

Meat and Beans: Aim for 2-3 servings each day. Choose lean meats and plant proteins whenever possible.

ExamplesOne serving equalsThat's about the size of
Meat & Tofu2-3 oz cooked beef, poultry, fish, tofuDeck of cards
Beans1/2 cup cooked beans, split peas, legumesBilliard ball
Nuts & Seeds2 Tbsp nuts, seeds, or nut buttersPing pong ball

Dairy: Aim for 2-3 servings of calcium-rich foods each day. Choose low- or non-fat products whenever possible.

ExamplesOne serving equalsThat's about the size of
Cheese1 ounce or 1 thin slice of cheeseA pair of dice
Milk1 cup milk, yogurt, soy milkBaseball

Fats & Oils: Eat fats and oils sparingly and in small portions. Choose heart-healthy fats whenever possible.

ExamplesOne serving equalsThat's about the size of
Fat & Oil1 tsp butter, margarine, oilOne die

  If you over eat one day, detox the next with all heatlhy foods. You can't go wrong eating lots of veggies!

They were talking on tv the other day about how a happy meal is an adult serving..yes, a happy meal is an adult serving!  Something I have always ordered. Sure I love a big mac...but I split it with my dog or husband or, I if I am not with them, I throw half away...yes, I am throwing half it a crime?  Why should I force that on myself. I am not eating to get bigger...I cannot eat whole big mac..which may sound crazy to you, but its my lifestyle. So get that fast food..but get a happy meal or split a meal with someone.

There is my two cents..its not rocket ONE portion  and make sure you move!  Go ahead and eat that piece of cake...but just eat one..and then...get outside and do something physical.  Walk, run, bike, kayak, play tennis, hula hoop, go to the playground and play like you did when you were a kid.

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Lissa said...

I agree 100% with you. I eat 5-6 times a day and my main meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a fraction of what an average person eats. Many people comment that I don't eat. Well, yes I do, it's just that what I eat in a day is the same or less than one of those huge servings the average person eats. It is a lifestyle just like you said. These so-called diets you hear people say..."I'm going on a diet". My first thought is how long is that going to last? Or you hear others say they joined a gym, but only go once a week or go gungho for a couple weeks then stop. And diet pills? What a joke and so unhealthy.
It is common sense and portion control and continuous exercise. There is no instant magical solution. It is a committed life choice. What a great and informational post! : )