Saturday, May 11, 2013

Re-purposing..crazy, genius and wth?

Just some ideas for re-purposing some everyday things..

Did you break the foot off of one of your favorite stemware glasses?  Stick it in a plant and put a candle in it. Great idea for a porch or patio. 

I tore the mini blinds out of my house a few years back..I hate I cute the strings off of them and cut the slats up to use as garden can get a gazillion from one mini blind. I still have more of them in my garden shed. 

Is your cooler looking abused, maybe the hinges are broken? 

The Renaissance Faire has an herb garden and they burn herbs on logs in it, in a neat cast iron pot that makes it smell so nice..I want to do that in my herb garden but have not been able to locate a cast iron pot cheap enough...this would work..I have seen these scratched up out for trash..I could paint it up and change it up a bit. 

Great idea for the music fan

If you cycle a may have some extra rims laying around.

OMG...hey, its not going in the

Cute garden marker from an old wooden spoon

old window greenhouse 

Who doesn't have toilet paper rolls...tame the chargers..we save our chargers and believe it or not, they have come in handy on many occasions. 

One of my older posts..a cereal box with fabric hot glued on it to tame the mail.

There are millions of uses for canning jars. this is cute. 

Recipe book holder..would work for those magazines

This is a head board turned into a swing...awesome! 

I love this...a mini greenhouse 

How about some old knobs for hanging a towel in the bathroom? 

Handwashing station for your campsite. 

bubble refill station

How about keeping this in the car or truck or boat for trash bags.

If you travel a lot, and have a lot of travel shirts.. or a good idea to reuse your child's baby clothes..make a quilt.

Mini greenhouse/terrarium

I could go on for days.

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