Friday, January 13, 2012

Another great fun food blog...check it out.

I have no had much chance to post lately, as my  husband is always on the computer..just last year, he was complaining how dumb it was..I created him a page and showed him the ropes and I can't seem tog et on my PC to post recipes.
I promise to drug him once a week and try to post more..if you are bored waiting friend has a fun food blog..check it out.
Waste Not, Why not?

I hope you will support her and follow her.  She is a great gal and a great cook!

I will be posting recipes this weekend of some things I have been cooking while my computer hog husband has been on the pc.

Love you all and thanks for being patient.  Hope you enjoy my friend's blog!


LuLu said...

Thank you dear...that was super sweet of you!

Diomar said...

i'm an avid fan of this site. .i learned so many. .try to watch movie online for free. .thank you. .