Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pinterest Challenge

I borrowed this pic from Pinterest to head off my challenge to my Pinterest friends. 

We pin things on Pinterest but how many do we actually do?  Some of us make a recipe or craft on occasion. Our lives are busy, yes. 

Learning new things helps to keep you young. 

Challenge yourself to attempt one of your pins once a month (bi- weekly, weekly, whatever you can make time for). At least once a month is doable for most of us. 

Craft, recipe, garden idea, etc. pick one. Pick one and start planning it out this weekend. 

It is a fun learning experience.  If you get lost partway through, look for similar projects on you tube for more guidance. 

Feel free to post your project results on my Facebook page. If love to see what  everyone is up to and sharing results could spark people interest. 

While we are on the subject of challenges and staying young. Get outside and jump rope or hoola hoop. Jump in some mud puddles. It's fun and feels good.  Don't forget to keep your body young and healthy. 

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