Monday, June 10, 2013

Just a little hair product tip that works well for me

Here is a tip for not only making your shampoo and conditioner go farther, but it is also gentler on your hair.  I can't use straight conditioner, it makes my hair greasy looking, no matter how much I try to wash it out and no matter what brand I use.  When I do this dilution process, I don't have a problem because, diluted, its just enough product.
Also, for men facing hair loss, the essential oils can help bring blood to your head, and if you suffer from itchy scalp, this will alleviate that also.

I do not care what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use...I switch constantly because, the aren't the miracle products they claim to be and really, 30 dollar shampoo and 3 dollar shampoo are really no different.  Your hairdresser may tell you otherwise..but as someone who has tried everything..this works for me better than any 30.00 product ever could and I pay less than 3.00 for my products now.

These are in my bathroom at all times, I keep the empty bottle in the shower and only make up a single use batch at a time so I can use it for both the shampoo and conditioner. The bottle has a pointy type tip, like the old fashioned ketsup and mustard tips...feel free to recycle one of those bottles if you can find one that is still shaped that way. 

Put a dime size dollop of shampoo into the bottle.  Add four drops of tea tree oil or rosemary oil to the bottle and then put a small amount of water into it..maybe a little more than the amount of shampoo you used. Shake and apply to the scalp and hair. I like the pointy bottle for just this purpose, they sell them at restaurant stores. 
Repeat the same way with the conditioner, the water helps so its not heavy..and it distributes it more evenly when its diluted. won't believe how much longer your shampoo and conditioner last, and if you can get your whole family on board, even better.  

You can skip the oil if you want, or use another oil...geranium keeps away bugs if you tolerate the smell, for those gnat infested picnics in the heat. The oils that give you a tingly sensation are the oils you want to use for helping prevent hair loss and/or preventing dandruff and itchy scalp. 
JUST BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET IT IN YOUR EYES....I did and it sort of hurts!

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