Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creamy Mac and Cheese in the Rice Cooker

 Wolfgang Puck Stainless 10 C Rice Cooker BDRCRB010-611

I'm hungry for some macaroni and cheese. I have tweaked my mac and cheese recipe over time and ended up with this yummy version that we love! 
 I love my pressure cookers and use them to death, but I also love my rice cooker for fast meals too.  These are great for college students who are allowed to cook in their dorms or have their own place. Fast meals, cheap. You can make ziti and all sorts of things in this little machine.  It does all of the work for you and only one easy to clean bowl. 

Creamy Mac and Cheese in the Rice Cooker

Serves four

1½ c water
2 cups macaroni or small shells pasta
a dash of salt

Hit cook and walk away (this takes about 10-15 mins)

Then, when it goes into keep warm mode, open the lid, add:

1½ cups shredded cheese
1 cup milk, half and half or cream
¼ cup cream cheese cubed
¼ c sour cream
¼ c  parmesan cheese 
 (note: I don't really measure, just eye it, its not a big deal, its all good)
Put the lid back on and let the cheese melt or to make it go faster, hit cook but stir w a wooden spoon so not to over cook the cheeses. 

You can add hot sauce with the cheese if you want it buffalo style, or let everyone add their own to their bowl of it, if some don't like it hot. I love to add finely diced jalapenos to mine too when adding the cheese but again, some aren't into hot. 
You can also add chopped broccoli about halfway thru the cooking cycle to add some green veggies to it. 

Some people hate cream cheese, just sub in the same amount of sour cream (basically double the sour cream)

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